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Arturo Alvarez

Real Estate Advisor
About Arturo

With Sales experience since 16 years old, Arturo started his career prospecting clients for housing developments for Grupo HOMEX, helping candidates find out their credit status to apply for a mortgage.

A spirit of creativity has driven him since his childhood. His knowledge in architecture and sales experiences gave him a clear idea of what was going on regarding the demand and construction of vacation properties to retire (for living or rent). So, he decided to join the Real Estate Business, being better than he expected. Since 2015, he has been proudly still an element of the growing and evolving Real Estate team.

Along with the team, accomplished to successfully SELL OUT consecutively the 3rd First Class/High-End Condominium Building from the most renowned and reputable Architects & Developers in town within the expected timeframe and exceeding the expectations of efficiency for the developers and of the final product for the buyers. Of course, this last one with credits to the Architects, developers, and their interest in innovating also understanding and satisfying the needs of this quality and cost efficiency demanding current market.

Arturo was a true Ambassador in all these projects. He knew every detail about each one from the very beginning. He provided valuable feedback used to increase the value of the final product to be delivered to the future owners.

Arturo would say every client is a new good friend, looking at it from the perspective that you have to engage with them unconditionally to understand their needs and expectations fully.

He likes to understand and feel that each client feels secure and confident about making the right decision and experience a smooth, stress-free, and successful transaction through the purchase-sale process. From granting their keys, titles to an expected ROI according to the type of client/purchase.

From a “sinaloense” family, Arturo is the younger and only sibling of 3 children born in Puerto Vallarta in 1987.