Family should
Always be First
Find a safe place to raise your kids that
truly feels like home.

Let us help you find a Home that aligns with your active and entertainment-focused interests.

Real Estate for Growing Families

Find a Home that aligns with the needs and interests of your growing family.

Family Love

Nature Fun



Properties for Families

“At Mexlife we consider Family as the most important thing in life, provide yours with the security of a home where they can thrive”.

Bold homes for sale encompassed with unique features thought
for New Growing Families.

Family-Friendly Community

Properties located within a safe environment with family-friendly features (parks and rec, community events, etc.)

Dynamic Layout

Beautiful properties with the perfect balance between laid-back living and exclusivity.

Childcare & Schooling

Only homes close to the best schooling options available in Puerto Vallarta, as well as childcare services.

Safe and Healthy Environment

Only properties that ensure and promote safety and wellness for you and your family.

Storage & Space for Growth

Only properties with enough storage and space for your family to grow with versatile interior layout for a variety of uses.

”“Life takes you to unexpected places, but only family love brings you home”.

Casa Novie

House 11 bd 6 ba at Versalles, Francisco Villa West


House 4 bd 5 ba at Francisco Villa West, Fluvial

Fluvial Duplex House

House 4 bd 6 ba at Francisco Villa West, Fluvial

Casa Boca Del Rio

Oceanfront House 2 bd 2 ba at South Shore, Boca de Tomatlan

Porto Residencial 026

House 3 bd 3 ba at Jarretaderas, Jarretaderas

Villa Tucanes

House 3 bd 4 ba at Nuevo Vallarta West, El Tigre

Real Estate Advisory for Growing Families

Let us help you on your most important decision, to protect and guard what’s most important for you.

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