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Puerto Vallarta: the 15 Most Instagrammable Places Around

Every time we see something amazing, or we are just happy about the people and places surrounding us, we want to hold all those lovely memories. Taking pictures of it will keep alive the good times. No matter if you are traveling or living in Puerto Vallarta, every day here could be the perfect setting for your pictures and for sure, your social media content.

It is not a lie when people say they fell in love with this beautiful city, and we love they love it, so we hope you enjoy and love Puerto Vallarta as much as we do. 

That is why we select a few spots that we believe are the most Instagrammables places around the city.

Puerto Vallarta’s Instagram Worthy Locations  

We know all big cities and mostly all destinations in the world have a big list of the best places to take photos for your social media and each list is based on a different scoring system. We definitely had a hard time picking up just 15 of the most MUST Instagrammable places in the town, because they’re just too many of them. After using popularity as the scoring system we finally gather this list of 15 spots that you must visit either if you’re a local or a traveler. Get ready to share your most Instagrammable pictures on your social media to show your friends and family those unforgettable moments in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

1. Malecon (Boardwalk)

Let’s start with the most obvious spot, the most recognized symbol of Puerto Vallarta, THE MALECON. This iconic symbol as the New York Times says “has been a destination for tourists and residents since the 1930s“. Every sculpture has a unique style and form, you’ll find them across all walk-board. Don’t forget your photo on the famous seahorse (“Caballito”) a sculpture created 45 years ago accompanied by the Puerto Vallarta sign, and the hashtag: #maleconvallarta.

The Puerto Vallarta sign was created and painted by the Mexican artist, Carlos Terres, who based his design on Manuel Lepe’s colorful art, one of the most recognized in Puerto Vallarta. You may find those paintings across all city.

2. Street Art in Puerto Vallarta

Walk along all downtown, and just like on East Village Walls in New York, you’ll find some stunning paintings on the public walls. Also, you can plan your tour with the help of an interactive map. Those murals belong to a group of artists who support Puerto Vallarta, expressing their art and culture all over the city, making wonderful views. This is one of the best instagrammable places so if you are into wall pictures, don’t forget to visit Old Town streets to take the perfect shot of your favorite wall and share it on social media. Oh, and don’t forget the hashtags, you can use #PVStreetArt

3. Mirador de la Cruz 

If hiking hills is not your favorite thing to do, we understand you, but for this, take a deep breath, fill your lung of courage and go up to the top. We’re sure you’re going to love it! Watching the bay from above is something you can never get rid of. Natural views are the specialty of the house in Puerto Vallarta.

This is maybe the highest point of the city, and without a doubt one of the most instagrammable places here, with a walk of 20 to 40 minutes from the Malecón into the mountains by Abasolo street, you will get to Mirador de La Cruz.

4. Puente Del Amor (Bridge of Love) 

The affair between these two top celebrities originated the global interest in Puerto Vallarta. With the arrival of the actors to paradise, hundreds of journalists worldwide came together to try to capture the romance. The popular bridge connects Elizabeth Taylor’s house to Richard Burton’s home, that is why it is known as Puente Del Amor (Bridge of Love). You can find this bridge in Casa Kimberly, the former Elizabeth Taylor, and Richard Burton home that is now a nine-suite boutique hotel without a doubt a destination full of Hollywood glamour.

In Zaragoza Street (at number 445), it was that tourist space that gained fame and tourists to Acapulco when, in 1963, the film director John Houston decided to film his movie “The Night of the Iguana.” He chose as the protagonist to the actor and heartthrob Richard Burton, who was having a controversial affair with the iconic Hollywood diva Elizabeth Taylor.

5. “El parque de los azulejos” in Old Town

 Walking straight to Olas Altas over the Malecon, you’ll find one of the most instagrammable places that not everyone knows, the Lazaro Cardenas Park, another name for it is Olas Altas Park or “El parque de los azulejos“, one of Mexico’s most exciting public art installations.

Shining and colorful tiles and mirrors decor all over the plaza, on the walls, on the seats. Designs made by Natasha Moraga (founder and creator of Mozayko Vallarta, she is responsible for this mesmerizing art installation) make the perfect spot for some aesthetic pictures. 

Creating an open-air art gallery.  Wander freely through the park, crossing the street you’ll find a kindergarten with a fully mosaic wall. Another Natasha’s piece of art.

6. Olas Altas Pier  

At the beginning of Puerto Vallarta’s history, the city was just a small Mexican fishing village with a few markets and its own port (Puerto means Port in Spanish) this has had some changing thru ages, having nowadays a modern pier which if you look carefully you’ll realize it is a sailing boat.

Our recommendation is to visit the pier almost in the sunset, so you can admire it with natural daylight, during a wonderful sunset and at the twilight moment when the lights go on and illuminate the pier with changing colors. You don’t have to wait over the deck; there are a few restaurants in Los Muertos beach nearby with a pier view where you can enjoy the show and tasty Mexican or international food.

7.  Caballito Sculpture in Los Muertos Beach

Over the rock on the shoreline, there’s another seahorse sculpture, creating a magic performance between nature and art in every wave hitting the rocks.

8. Rio Cuale’s Bridge 

Continue your walk over Morelos Street, where you will spot the bridge connecting Downton with Lázaro Cardenas. Painted recently with Manuel Lepe’s colorful and naive style, which in the words of the Culture president gives Puerto Vallarta a hometown identity.

9. Stairway To Gringo Gulch (La Iguana Bridge) 

The neighborhood above the Church and Main Plaza was given the nickname Gringo Gulch in the 1950s because of the influx of North American artists. This pedestrian bridge connects Cuauhtémoc Street with the Cuale River Island, offering stunning views of the mountains surrounding the Romantic Zone and the Cuale River.⁣ Stop in the middle of the stairs and enjoy the view, wherever your eyes are directed to.

10. Panoramic OXXO®

What if we tell you that one of the most beautiful views from the bay and therefore one of the most instagrammable places in the town is from a convenience store? Well, it is true. You can catch some of the best beach views just in the seat of an OXXO®, no kidding, a lovely and fancy convenience store. Buy a coffee or a hot dog or any food you’ll like and take a seat. Relax and enjoy the peaceful view this huge window brings you. You may want to buy another coffee or even all the store just to keep looking thru the window.

11. Mirador Los Arcos de Mismaloya (The Mismaloya Arches) 

Los Arcos is a National Natural Park (one of many located in Mexico) located in the South Zone of Puerto Vallarta in the Banderas Bay area. Way down to the south there’s a lookout beside the road when you can appreciate a natural landscape.

12. Colomitos Beach near Boca de Tomatlan

Way to Cabo Corrientes there’s a hidden beach in Boca de Tomatlán called Colomitos, it is a tiny calm beach with amazing emerald water full of beauty and magic with the best views.

13. Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens 

Not all is about beaches, Mexico is well known by their natural destinations, such as this beautiful botanical garden (about 40 min road to the south) where you can have a time of peace among a great variety of plants, fresh air, the sound of the river, and bird watching. Visit them early in the morning when everything’s calmer, take breakfast in the restaurant, enjoy the beauty of nature and seize the day.

14. Marina malecón – Mural marina

Find another instagrammable wall made by Natasha Moraga, an incredible trencadís artist on Albatros 307 street in Marina Vallarta.

This project began in 2013 and finished in 2015, it’s named “Episodio 2” (second episode) and it measures more than 500m2, the second biggest in Mexico.

15. Jorullo Bridge 

Jorullo Bridge (Puente Jorullo) is actually the longest suspension bridge for vehicles and perfect to take a photo for your social media, quite close to Puerto Vallarta in the Sierra Madre Occidental over the Cuale River. This bridge is part of Canopy River’s activities and tours.


Make yourself feel at home in Puerto Vallarta, get to know every corner, not only their famous beaches but also prepare yourself to walk and sweat through their streets, take your best shoes, a bottle of water, and get to know Puerto Vallarta like a local. And if you are not still one, you may even want to stay and become one as well.

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