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Why Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone is the Best Beach Gayborhood in America

Why is Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone the best gay neighborhood in America? Mexico has been for several years now a very attractive destination for the LGBT community. About 3.5 million tourists visit the country every year and their favorite cities are Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Mexico City, Los Cabos, and Guadalajara. Also, it’s already well known that Puerto Vallarta is the gay capital of Mexico, these are some valid points to rate the Romantic Zone as the best Gayborhood in America but while you read this article you will find even more.

Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone

Gay-friendly Recognition 

As we previously said, and Forbes stated Vallarta is “Mexico’s most LGBT friendly destination” and the favorite place for living for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 1, Tammie Brown. But without a doubt, Los Muertos Beach, situated just south of the Malecon and the Rio Cuale in the Romantic Zone or Old Town, is the best place to live in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco if you’re a part of the LGBT community and has been since 1980, a 20-year old website and one of the top websites for LGBTQ travelers, every year runs the Gay Travel Award, a contest with different categories related to LGBTQ destinations and during the 2016 contest, the only one that has had “Best Gayborhood” as a category, Romantic Zone was the winner. 

Importance of the LGBT community in Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone

As Vidal Meza, president of the LGBT Trade and Tourism Association said, “The gayborhood known as Romantic Zone is the area of greatest economic growth in Puerto Vallarta” this due to the LGBT community.  

Puerto Vallarta Zona Romantica is located on the south side and it’s where national and foreign members of the LGBT community congregate every day and where they spend their money in bars, beach clubs, hotels, and condos that were designed specifically for the community. 

Gay bars and beach clubs in Playa de los Muertos

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco is considered the “San Francisco of Mexico,” therefore Zona Romantica or Old Town is considered as the city’s Castro district. If you are wondering about things to do in the puerto vallarta romantic zone, here you can find some tips. With more than 2 kilometers of shore, the Romantic Zone is filled up with dance clubs, bars, saunas, beach clubs, and restaurants created for the community and these are the trendiest you can find.

Beach Clubs   

Mantamar: Located in Los Muertos beach, it’s the most popular and chic gay beach club in Zona Romantica this group also owns a hotel and a rooftop bar. Mantamar is famous for its flying pool, but they also offer pools, hydro jets, gazebos, and more. You can delight your senses with their snacks and cocktails made by their mixologists while you enjoy the beats of their DJ and the incredible sunsets and ocean views of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

Bars and Restaurants

Mr. Flamingo: An open-air bar in Zona Romantica in Emiliano Zapata neighborhood known for playing cheesy pop and their happy hour. It’s the perfect place to reach a climax before a long night out.

Apaches Martini Bar: It is one of the liveliest bars in Olas Altas, Puerto Vallarta Zona Romántica, as their name says it, they are popular because of their great martinis and because of their one of the most famous daily happy hours on the shore. As they say, it’s the place “where new friends meet, and old friends gather”. 

Kooky Karaoke Bar (Formerly Kinky): A very popular gay karaoke bar in the Romantic Zone in Emiliano Zapata neighborhood with a huge variety of drinks and songs to sing. It’s the place to gather with your friends and sing until the sunrise in their great scenario. 

The Rooftop Bar: The Blue Chairs’ Rooftop Bar is one of the best gay clubs in the Romantic Zone a few steps away from Los Muertos pier. They offer Gogo shows, International Drag Queens shows and their popular drag show called Dirty Bitches, but you can also go any day after 3 pm and have the time of your life while enjoying their exquisite food and mixology.

The Top Sky Bar PV: Located at Mantamar Beach Club on the south side of the Romantic Zone you can experience an unforgettable day while enjoying their gourmet menu, the ocean view, and exclusive live shows.

Daiquiri Dicks: With a premier location in Olas Altas in the Romantic Zone it’s a seaside Mexican-Mediterranean restaurant near to Los Muertos pier that mixes elegance with casual coastal life. If you go, don’t miss their daily homemade bakery and their drink specials.

Dance Clubs   

Industry: An iconic men’s only club in the Pride’s Strip in the Romantic Zone, Emiliano Zapata where the music never stops. Enjoy their live DJs, their mixology, or try their VIP Areas if you dare!

Paco’s Ranch: A business run by a family in Vallarta Old Town where you will be listening to Mexican Music until sunrise, you will also have the chance to enjoy the double feature Drag Queen show.  This place can get so crowded that people continue the party on the street.

Cc slaughters: This club is divided into 2, on the front bar you will be listening to cheeky pop, but on the inside, everything is dark, and you can dance the whole night to the beats their experienced DJ throws down, and some nights you can also see an excellent Drag Queen show.  


Spartacus: An only men sauna located in the Zona Romantica. This is the largest gay sauna in Vallarta with 4 floors and a bunch of top-tier services. You can enjoy yourself on their steam, saunas, jacuzzies, private cabins, sun decks, and bar.

Puerto Vallarta Pride  

The Pride in Vallarta has been held annually since 2013, it’s always in May so that it lines up with the US Memorial Day weekend and it’s an 8-day event full of concerts, many parties, beach parties, and events all mainly hosted in bars, beach clubs and night clubs located in Playa de Los Muertos in the Zona Romantica and it attracts tens of thousands of visitors between locals, national travelers, and foreigners to the city. The Parade goes from Hotel Zone, passing by the cuale river bridge and finishing in the heart of the romantic zone.


Without a doubt, Puerto Vallarta’s Zona Romántica is the Best coastal Gayborhood in America and it is the place where the LGBT community lives and parties every day. So, if you come to Vallarta several times in the year or spend several months walking through Puerto Vallarta’s downtown cobblestone streets you should stop spending on hotels and consider buying a condo in the trendy Romantic Zone and never miss the Vallarta Gay Scene.

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